1-0 for Hillary Clinton, after last night’s debate

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donald trump vs hillary clinton debate

Everybody was expecting big things from last night’s presidential debate and we’re convinced that none of the candidates disappointed, considered the way they managed to draw sharp contrasts on temperament, character and, of course, different visions about the United States’ future.

Hillary had a better night

Despite Donald Trumps efforts and the effective points he made on economy, trade and jobs, it’s Hillary Clinton who can be considered the winner of the debate. Not once the former Secretary of State put the businessman on defense, focusing on some sensible issues, like his refusal to release his taxes, racist comments made in the past and, finally, his intensely criticized attitude towards women.

However, this doesn’t mean that Donald Trump didn’t had his good moments. He accused Clinton of being in Washington for 30 years and doing basically nothing to improve the economic health of the country, according to CNN, an aspect which could resonate in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Trump also insisted on the email scandal as well, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest vulnerabilities, but overall, he appeared to fade during the debate, leaving everybody to consider the Democratic candidate as the night’s big winner.

Polls confirm the Democratic victory

According to a CNN/ORC poll, Hillary Clinton managed to win the debate, by 62% to 27%, also suggesting that more Democrats watched the event. Also, 68% of the respondents said that she had a better understanding of the issues, while 55% of them declared that Donald Trump couldn’t handle the presidency.

There are two more big debates left until November’s general elections and it’s too early to decide which candidate has the biggest chances. Let’s not forget that over the past years, some candidates managed to recover from an underwhelming first debate, being able to regain their momentum and obtain a positive result in November - winning the presidency.