Russia And Syria, A Game Of Chance


Russia And Syria, A Game Of Chance

For the first time in over a year, the defense bigshots from the US and Russia came together for direct talks regarding Russia’s increasing role in the conflict in Syria.

Russia has admitted to sending in both advisors and troops and the US is worried that Russia isn’t in it to battle the Islamic State, aka ISIL, but to bolster the power of besieged Syrian President Assad.

Analysts speculate that the only way for the civil war in Syria to come to an end is through joint military actions from the super powers another countries, not just one country like Russia. Russia is stating that their primary concern is getting a coalition together to battle ISIL and president Putin is scheduled to chat with Israeli President Neanyahu over the issue.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on the other hand is voicing the typical US concerns about Russia and the US military brass are reticent to join forces with the Russians and that alone bodes ill as Assad’s forces continue to take a beating from ISIL.

This is a foreign policy issue that has to be resolved if the world is to advance into a more peaceful 21st century. ISIL has been a nightmare of every country in the world and the cost of fighting them, to pay and train security is overwhelming and in some cases far too much for some countries’ budgets. They have to be stopped. The US is not willing ro engage in another lengthy Middle East war, as history has shown that they don’t help at all and only serve to gobble up much needed revenue and resources.

Russia knows they can’t afford to have ISIL compromising their interests. They’re already in hot water over the military buildup in the Ukraine. Should ISIL gain a foothold in Russia, there’s no telling the level of damage they could do both in collateral and mental stress. The Russian people are tired of wars as well and now after getting a taste of freedom and capitalism, they want to enjoy the fruits of their labor and their HDTVs.

Obama would love to come to a good marriage with Russia, but it’s going to take a serious look at putting down a solid foot once and for all with Syria. It’s either going to be an all out war to settle things once and for all, or let the Syrians and ISIL fight it out to the last and the winner be prepared for a final onslaught by the coalition powers of the world.

There’s no easy way out here. It’s going to take both diplomacy and force, but unfortunately, the only way to deal with ISIL is with brute force, and if the Americans and Russia do team up, the results to ISIL will be unmerciful and swift.