Sssnap! Obama Nominates Gay Secretary Of The Army


Obama Nominates Gay Secretary Of The Army

In another controversial and groundbreaking move to cement his influence and campaign promises to the gay community, President Obama has nominated the first openly gay man to the post of Secretary of the Army.

Eric Fanning, 47, who has already served as Under Secretary of the Army is a civilian and openly gay. He’ll become the first openly gay person to serve as head of one of the branches of the military. He’s a specialist in national security and has over two decades of experience and is a major influence in the Pentagon’s largest fighter jet and ship building programs. Once confirmed he’ll be overseeing the goings on in the Army.

What’s more amazing is the low level of backlash at the nomination. Fanning’s career speaks for itself regarding professionalism and expertise. Both Democrats and Republicans seem not to have a problem with Fanning and his knowledge and leadership are going to be well needed after over a decade of constant war for the Army.

The number of soldiers has been cut by at least 80,000 with another 40,000 on the way. The problems of soldiers unable to cope with the stress and strain of such long tours, has led to unprecedented numbers of suicides and overtaxing of personnel. Fanning is going to have to address all these issues and do so swiftly. It doesn’t look like he’ll have any opposition among the lawmakers to get confirmed, and he’d better be ready to take on the new burdens.

This move by Obama follows many regarding diversity in government, especially in the armed services, that just a few years ago had banned openly gay relationships among personnel. Obama has rallied and changed all that and Fanning’s nomination is another milestone for the President.

As Fanning begins his tenure, he’ll surely be watched to see how well he performs. His record would strongly suggest that he’ll get any job done put before him. He’ll have to work along side career military men who might still hold aversions toward openly gay people, but he’s sure to have had enough experience to know how to handle such situations and on top of that he’s got the backing of the president should someone step out of line.

How this will affect the other branches of the military is unknown. Will the Marines, Navy, and Air Force object or cause problems? Probably not. At this point after over a decade of tiresome war and conflict, the military wants to regroup, repair damage and get ready. Lawmakers and other politicans know the importance of a ready military presence and will welcome anyone who can keep the gears of the military moving smoothly.