195 countries will attend the COP21 in Paris

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cop21 summit paris 2015

U.S President Barack Obama announced on Sunday on Facebook that he’ll be leaving for Paris to attend the COP21 summit, meant to create solutions to reduce the production of environmentally-harmful emissions. Representatives from 195 countries will be present, says Bustle.

Each country should consider reducing emissions

Even before the summit began, Obama got more than 180 countries to submit plans on how they see the possibility of reducing environmentally-harmful emissions. The COP21 summit’s goal in Paris is to make every country build up a plan to protect the Earth. The primary goal for all the nations present in Paris is to keep global warming below the critical threshold, which is 2 degrees Celcius, according to the same source.

Since the planet has already warmed 0.85 degrees Celsius since 1880, the countries that will attend COP21 face a difficult challenge trying to figure out a plan protecting the Earth. Scientists say that the amount of emissions that countries have already produced will “lock us in” at around 2 degrees Celsius of warming and while the plan clears the fact that those responsible for this warming will also have to do the most reductions, Obama’s second goal will be to convince those nations to do so.

Obama’s plan has 2050 as a deadline

A climate change agreement between U.S and China has already been established, so that leaves one problem out of the way. One of the main questions that will be discussed at the COP21 summit is if U.S can keep its part of the deal. The U.S., India, and China are the top three carbon-emitting countries in the world, says Bustle.

Obama’s plan is to reduce U.S. emissions by 80 percent by 2050, but will surely receive a lot of pushback from climate change deniers in the Republican party. The project includes shutting down hundreds of coal power plants, stopping the construction of new coal plants, and investing more in wind and solar power production, among other plan for renewable energy.

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