Republicans And Their Welfare Lies

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Republicans And Their Welfare Lies

One of the ongoing and biggest arguments the GOP has is in regard to cutting welfare benefits. The Republicans cry that the costs of such programs such as food stamps is so overwhelming that it is costing too much money and creating a welfare state.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is where the proof that Republicans wouldn’t know a statistic if it jumped up and bit them on the butt. The truth of the matter is, the percentage of your tax dollars that goes to welfare is les than 5% and the majority of your tax dollar goes to corporate welfare in the form of subsidies and tax breaks to big business. TheRepublicans don’t want to talk about how well over 50% of your tax dollars goes to wealthy people. As a matter of fact, when Republicans beef about how the folks on welfare are lazy and don’t work, that too is a lie. Half the peole on food stamps do work. The other half are children or elderly. Indeed, the number of people on food stamps has been declining, and to beat all that, the overwhelming majority of recipients had paid into the welfare system from their taxes in the first place.

These lies are perpetrated by the wealthy for two reasons, greed and control. If it were up to the right wing, no one would get assistance of any kind from the government and would have to turn to private industry for survival which is just what the wealthy want. Around 46 million people stayed alive last year thanks to food stamps. Had the program not been there, where would the desperate turn to? Private companies that would lend money at exorbitant rates and create a debtor state like they had in Europe in the 1700s.

The wealthy wouldn’t have any competition from the poor. The poor wouldn’t be able to invest in their future nor buy real estate. They would be beholding to the money people and nothing more than indentured servants. To see anyone trying to establish such a state in this day and age is abominable. It’s a sign of institutionlized sociopathy that is all too standard in the Republican hierarchy.

These tactics are what the corrupt end of the GOP engages in. Their rank and file members are people of conscience but far too often deny real statistical data, especially when it is embedded with political rhetoric. The bigshots in the GOP know their public won’t double check facts, will shy away from anything that might invalidate their sense of responsibility. Luckily there is a growing base of conservatives who are courageous enough to stand up. It’s the younger crowd as well as the damaged crowd. The conservatives that were victims of the banking scandals or who lost loved ones in war. They’re tired of the same old grind and want change, and change fast.

This battle of the benefits may arise as one of the leaks in the Republican voter collective, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s the decision maker during the 2016 election.