2-0 for Hillary Clinton, after the second presidential debate

second presidential debate

Yesterday, just before the second presidential campaign, Donald Trump still had a chance – small, but it was a chance – of winning hist spot in the Oval Office, despite going through the worst days of his campaign so far. However, after the event ended, it was obvious that he can already say goodbye to his dream, leaving Hillary Clinton with the first chance.

Trump blew it one more time

The Republican nominee needed a win in order to maintain his chances, but according to CNN, they’re all gone now. Yes, his performance was better than in the first debate, but Donald Trump lost the opportunity to secure a win in the first 20 minutes, not being able to recover after.

The source mentions that their own poll found that Hillary Clinton was considered the winner, by 57-34%, making it pretty obvious that the former secretary of state is now the favorite for winning the general elections.

There were a few moments during the presidential debate that made Donald Trump lose, starting with his pre-debate appearance with four women, all of them claiming to be accusers of Bill Clinton. Also, he failed to handle the situation when the audio recording from 11 years ago was mentioned!

Sometimes, an apology can change everything

Instead of issuing an apology about his past, which could’ve brought him a few bonus points, Trump’s declaration was limited, seeming dismissive and eventually going off track, as he mentioned ISIS in this conversation.

The Republican continued the presidential debate with a rant about the infamous email scandal and it seemed like a great move, but Donald Trump eventually started talking about his plans to instruct his attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue Hillary Clinton, in case he will be elected as President.

Trump’s fate depends a lot on the decision the RNC and the GOP will take in the next few days, as we might lose even more support!