Cruz and Rubio: Dividing the Latinos


Two leading figures in the Republican race to 2016 presidential election, are Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, of Florida and Texas,respectively.

According to the New York Times, They both represent a watershed moment in American politics: two Hispanics running as top-tier candidates for president, and increasingly gunning for each other, in what one Latino conservative has dubbed “the yuca primary,” referring to the popular Cuban staple and an acronym for young urban Cuban-American. These two Latinos’ collisions on defense, immigration and other issues formed one of the main story lines at Tuesday’s Republican debate. The two have emerged as perhaps the leading alternatives to the controversial Donald J. Trump.

Two individuals of same origin, divergent views

One of the candidates, Marco Rubio, was nurtured by the sprawling Cuban-American community, and bounces effortlessly between two cultures , that is, fritas and hamburgers, Spanish and English — in a city so comfortably bilingual that news conferences pivot between the two languages. 

The other, Ted Cruz, is less sentimental to cowboy boots, hard-right politics and the fire-and-brimstone style of the Baptist church. Cruz, is a rare Cuban-American outlier in a state where Hispanic usually means Mexican-American, attended overwhelmingly white Christian schools in Houston and prefers Spanglish to Spanish.

There is the fact that most Latino immigrants in this country are Mexicans and these two are Cuban.

According to Latinousa, Mexicans know that Cubans, even today, still have a privileged immigration status that basically offers legal residency and public assistance as soon as they set foot in the country or come to the border to request refuge status, thanks to continuous demagoguery on immigration and race.

Cruz and Rubio dividing the Latinos

There are different views and opinions even among the Latinos about who is truly a Latino among these two contending candidates. while some see them as true Latinos, irrespective of their ideology, others see them as non-Latinos. some people see Cruz as Latino only in name while others believe Rubio is playing the Latino card because GOP is a diversity desert.