Trump: Back in form throwing tantrums


Donald Trump made a rebound from Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Vegas. Mr Trump arrived at an airport hangar in Mesa, Arizona where he treat a large and rowdy audience with some of his classic lines. “I’ll bet you they get the big ratings,” Trump referring to the CNN’s Tuesday night debate. “I want to maybe not do the next debate just to see it tank, and then I’ll do the one,” he joked. The debate according to ratings was watched by 18 million people.

Clinton is a disaster.

The republican poll leader tore into Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Front runner, he called her “a disaster” based on the format and pattern of her events. “She doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. She wakes up in the morning. I will not say that she wakes up and puts on her pantsuit, because that’s what she does. I’m not gonna say it. I’m not saying it. I will not say that! She wakes up in the morning, she goes out, she’ll go to New Hampshire or Iowa one day a week or something,“ Trump said. He ended his tantrums by indicating he might have more for Clinton as the race progress.

Trump: Where do they get cell phones?

In his response to the refugee situation, Trump wondered along the reason why some migrants were carrying cellphones with Islamic state Images, a claim he has reechoed is past rallies, which was reported in Norwegian news that migrants have pictures of severed heads and ISIL logos on their mobile devices. “where do they get cellphones? Who pays their monthly bill? Don’t they get billed by Phone Company or something? Trump rhetorically asked his audience. He also explained is comments as reported by WhorunsGOV about his call for shutdown of the internet to prevent Islamic state from spreading propaganda to America’s vulnerable youths.