GOP: Shocked at Trump’s warm embrace of Putin

Donald Trump on medical records

According to reports, while the United States and it’s allies are trying to beat back Russia’s intrusions into Ukraine and Syria, Trump keeps declaring his admiration for the Russian leader. He has ruffled countless feathers in the GOP with this.

Donald Trump’s attitude towards Putin however diverges from the rest of the GOP caucus. Trump who still leads all the polls in the race for the GOP nomination, was blasted by aides of former Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

Romney’s aide Stuart Stevens said: “Donald Trump is like that stray dog anybody can pet and it will follow you home.” The backlash is understandable since Mitt Romney had stated years ago that Russia was America’s biggest “geopolitical foe.”

Trump sees Putin as a strong leader

Despite heavy criticisms, this week Donald Trump said it was a great honor” to have Putin compliment him. Romney’s aide had this to say: “Putin praises him so he loves Putin. It’s embarrassing and sad. He’s a seriously damaged individual who is deeply insecure and needs attention and praise and the source doesn’t matter.”

Another series of outrage occurred among ex-staffers and friends in Romney’s camp following Trump’s refusal to condemn the Russian leader for allegations the Kremlin has killed high-profile journalists critical of Putin, saying “our country does plenty of killing also.”

Trump claimed he got to know Putin very well when they were both on “60 Minutes” in Russia. He claimed they did well that night givibg an image of a joint interview while they really appeared in separate interviews. His admiration for Putin escalated this week when Putin, talking just after his end-of-year press conference, called Trump “a very bright and talented man,” as well as an “absolute leader” in the race for the presidency. Trump returned the warm embrace, saying it’s nice “when people call you brilliant, it’s always good, especially when the person heads up Russia.”

Trump’s fascination with Putin diverges significantly from the rest of the GOP candidates. In October, candidate Jeb Bush called Putin a “bully,” and Marco Rubio labeled him a “gangster” over the summer.