Bernie Sanders has gotten more individual donations

bernie sanders endorsement

Democratic party candidate, Bernie Sanders has passed Obama’s fundraising mark, according to reports. President Barack Obama’s mark of 2,209,636 donations through December 31, 2011 for his re-election was exceeded by Sanders team. His campaign team announced following Saturday night’s Democratic debate.

Of all presidential candidates ever through the campaign’s off-year, Bernie Sanders has gotten more individual donations according to his communications director Michael Briggs. Michael claimed he passed Obama’s re-election total during the debate.

The news comes a day after the Sanders campaign raised over $1 million amid a major blowup over its role in accessing Hillary Clinton’s campaign data and just two days after the campaign said it brought in $3 million at the beginning of the week.

While it has trailed Clinton’s effort in fundraising overall, it has shown major muscle in the online and small-dollar fundraising department. Sanders’ average donation during the debate was under $25, said Briggs. Sanders has won numerous endorsements from different unions, recently he won an endorsement from the Communications Workers of America union with almost 700,000 members. He is the top rival of the Democratic party frontrunner, Hilary Clinton.