Huckabee: My money is on Trump over the Clintons

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Former President, Bill Clinton ramps up campaigning for his wife’s presidential bid, and as Donald Trump threatens to go after Bill, Mike Huckabee says his money’s on the leading GOP candidate.

In an interview on Monday, the former governor of Arkansas told “Fox and Friends” that nothing is going to hurt Trump. “Look, nothing’s backfired on Donald Trump yet. I’d put my money on him. Frankly, he’s played the whole media game like a kid on Christmas morning with a toy drum. He’s beaten the heck out of them, and I honestly don’t think that this is going to hurt Donald Trump … and I think the Clintons have some vulnerability here,” Mike said.

Huckabee says many Republicans would prefer Bill to Obama

Every time someone tries to attack the Manhattan mogul, Huckabee remarked, “it backfires on them.” When Mike was asked whether the former president represented a “liability for Hillary Clinton,” the former governor disagreed, noting that many Americans still view Bill Clinton favorably and that even some Republicans would prefer him over the current president.

“Frankly, after seven years with Obama, a lot of Republicans would take Bill Clinton back, warts and all, just because at least, he understood how to govern,” Huckabee added.

Trump himself started the week with a tweet spoiling for a fight against the Clintons. He tweeted: “If Hilary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!”

Huckabee believes the media time of Trump and Cruz is an edge

When Huckabee was asked what he would need to do to move up in the polls before the Iowa caucus, he said that he would need to get “all the media time” that Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are receiving.
“If that happens, things will certainly be better. And that’s part of the narrative that we’ve all faced is that the more media attention, that drives poll numbers, that drives stage position and that drives polling position as it comes to the electorate,” Quite notably, Huckabee who won the 2008 caucus is polling in the single digits now.
“But the good news is, Iowa is a state where the voters, they don’t pay as much attention to polls, they don’t pay as much attention to the money, and frankly, there comes a point, and they’re probably there now, they quit paying attention to radio and television and mail pieces, ‘cause they get enough mail every day to give ‘em a hernia. They get so many media messages that every single hour is filled with probably 34 minutes of political commercials,” Mike added.