Trump: I will spend big from Jan


Leading GOP front runner and billionaire businessman, Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that he’s finally going to dig into his personal fortune to run televised campaign ads. “My campaign for president is $35,000,000 under budget, I have spent very little (and am in 1st place),” he wrote on Twitter, adding that he would soon “spend big” in three early-voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.  Television ads often make up the bulk of a presidential campaign budget. Business insider said that Trump, however, has relied on free media coverage and right-leaning outlets to get his message out.

Time to for the cash to flow

Trump’s spending big tweet on Tuesday follows a Fox News report on Monday that said Trump is planning to roll out a “major ad blitz” that could cost at least $2 million per week. That report follows that the Republican National Committee has granted Trump’s campaign access to its massive voter file, which also provides some evidence that Trump is starting to run a more traditional campaign that one might expect of a front-runner. “I thought I would’ve spent about $20 million for advertising, you know, up until this point, right? I’ve spent nothing,” Trump told a New Hampshire radio program in October. “I can’t advertise because I’m getting so much coverage. It would almost be … you’d OD on Trump.”

Another jab aimed for Jeb

The billionaire businessman’s tweets echo comments he made Monday previewing his planned spending in January. “Starting around January 4 we’re spending a lot of money,” he told reporters following a campaign event in Nashua, New Hampshire. “The press is hearing this for the first time, they’re probably gonna go crazy.” Trump said he’s focusing his spending on the next four weeks.

The Republican front-runner also said Tuesday that his relatively cheap campaign is a model for how the federal government should treat taxpayer dollars: So, I have spent almost nothing on my run for president and am in 1st place. Jeb Bush has spent $59 million & done. Run country my way!