Obama to Tighten Gun control

Barack Obama on gun control

President Barack Obama has expressed his dissatisfaction over the levity and slow manner in which the Congress has handled the gun control policies for a very long time. He made this known while expressing his sympathy to the victims of gun violence in the State of the Union address on Tuesday

The president, who is trying to restrict and tighten the federal gun laws has been faced with difficulties in the House Chamber concerning the issue.

Despite all his efforts, saddled with executive powers, Obama restricted by the Congress and grievous Democrats, ‘’failed in his attempt to make gun control laws stricter. Still, he doesn’t want to leave the Oval Office without making one last effort in this direction’’, according to whorunsgov.com

Obama, in his own is trying to use the few months that remain in office and power of the White House to change the gun laws because the Congress has refused to act

According to fox news,’’ Obama intends to tighten the gun laws with a 10-point plan that sidesteps Congress and focuses on requiring small-scale sellers to get a federal license and submit background checks on potential buyers

In his plans, Obama is making executive actions by making FBI get more employees who are to process background checks. And in reducing accidental shootings, requesting the Congress for $500 million for mental health care while directing federal agencies to research gun technology and making background check for every dangerous weapon purchased.

Opposition to Obama attempt:

The attempt by Obama to control and tighten the gun control is facing critics in various angles from The Republican, the National Rifle Association and even from The Democrat.

The major opposition candidate, Donald Trump has faulted Obama has tried to make guns impossible to purchase by people while some in the Democrat insisted and maintained that it’s only the Congress that can enact or review new policies on firearms.