Clinton: I won’t rule out a female running mate

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Leading democratic party presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton in an interview said she would ‘absolutely not’ rule out a female partner in the race to the White House. Clinton made the assertions, amongst others, on an interview on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Thursday ahead of the Iowa caucus.

Clinton said: “Absolutely not. Absolutely not.” She said she was looking for a team and the most important member would be the running mate. So “I’m not ruling anybody out.” When the host, Maddow, asked, “You don’t have to choose some Grizzly Adams mountain man in order to like comfort the people who would be so freaked out by the prospect of a woman president?” Clinton replied saying: “Well, yes. I’m going to. I’m going to look at a lot of different people.”

Clinton questions Sanders health plan

During the interview, the subject of health care debate with Senator Bernie Sanders popped up. She claimed to be a “little surprised” to be debating health care against Sanders. She went on to question Sanders yet to be introduced health care plan, pointing to the fact that Sanders has laid out previous health care plans about nine times before Congress.

Hilary Clinton said we know Bernie Sanders plan would “end all the kinds of health care we know.” A bewildered Clinton asked: “And it’s really a very general debate when it comes to Senator Sanders about no, we need to have a single payer system. Well, what does that mean?” She continued saying: “And it’s a bit concerning to me because it would basically end all the kinds of health care we know, Medicare, Medicaid, the CHIP program, children’s health insurance, TRICARE for the National Guard, military, Affordable Care Act exchange policies, employer-based policies.”

Sanders health plan would jeopardize all health care – Clinton

The host, Rachel, pointed out that Sanders refers to it as “Medicare for all” but Hilary Clinton seized the opportunity to reiterate her campaign’s line that Sanders’ plan would jeopardize all health care by granting Republican governors control.
“Medicare for all is not the same if you’re turning it over to the states. In any other year they would definitely be short-listed for vice president.”