Rand Paul claims to have won Thursday’s GOP debate

GOP Debate 2016

On a radio interview on Friday, GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul claimed to have won the GOP debate held on Thursday. Rand skipped the undercard event since he could not meet up with the criteria for the main stage event.

Rand didn’t even partake in the GOP debate at all

The Senator from Kentucky said: “Well, you know the U.S. News and World Report did an online poll during the debate, and they said we won for skipping the debate and not being part of a farce.” He was referring to a reader survey following the undercard debate.

Paul told the Boston radio station WRKO that he believes he won the GOP debate. He said: “So I’m going to have to stick with that. I think we won the debate.”

For the Main Stage debate, Donald Trump was voted the best performing candidate

According to the results from the outlet’s reader poll for the primetime event, Donald Trump was adjudged as the best performing presidential candidate. The real estate mogul performed well across all areas debated, aside the face off with closely following Ted Cruz.

According to POLITICO, had the results of the poll by Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll in Iowa been considered alongside other polls employed by FOX Business, Rand would have made the cut.

Using the average of polls taken nationally, in Iowa and in New Hampshire, FOX Business announced candidates that would compete on the main stage event on Monday. But two days later, Paul received 5 percent which was conducted in the same window as two other polls that factored into the average. This was not used and Rand Paul lost out of the main stage event. He declared the whole incident as a charade and refuse to debate at the undercard debate;then he declared himself winner.