Bush might lose donors

Jeb Bush to cut Campaign salaries due to slow fundraising
Jeb Bush to cut Campaign salaries due to slow fundraising

According to reports, GOP candidate Jeb Bush might lose donors to his cause as they [donors] feel it’s only a matter of time before Bush drops out of the race. Donald Trump,Ted Cruz and even Marco Rubio are seeming preferred candidates in the GOP, as polls reveal.

A lot of donations have been made towards the Bush campaign. Without much progress in the pecking order, donors are beginning to lose faith.

The former governor at Florida made major success in his campaign July last year when he announced a record fund-raising haul. $114 million was raised and the Republican rewarded the major donors with a two-day celebratory retreat at the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Donors believe Bush would soon drop out of the race

Seven months into the huge donations, donors are no longer strategizing how to keep funds flowing. Just 17 days to the first ballots, to decide who would represent the GOP in the race for the White House, and donors lack faith in Bush.

Many of the donors never pre-empted the current situation. A top Bush Wall Street donor said: “I’m resigned to it being over, frankly. It’s really disappointing. I’d urge him to get out after New Hampshire if he doesn’t do well, but he probably won’t.”

Many donors are still in due to loyalty to family

Most donors reportedly interviewed say they are waiting for the “family hall pass” to jump to another campaign after the New Hampshire primary. Even before Bush declared his candidacy, donors were pitted against each other to see who would raise more money as many saw Bush as the clear winner to be. The campaign results have been very surprising to them all.

A fundraiser was quoted telling donors: “Hey, I need you to throw away money on Jeb — out of loyalty.” The other campaign teams have been watching closely, laying the foundation to poach Bush’s donors when he backs down. Florida Republican fundraiser, Brian Ballard, has been one of the only notable defections to Senator Marco Rubio’s camp after Bush’s campaign attacked Rubio.

Top political veteran in Florida said: “Donors I’ve talked to are desperate not to abandon Jeb because of their long bonds and loyalty with the family, but they are also recognizing there is no ROI [return on investment] on this campaign. The sense of these folks is it is so sad. They whisper to each other, ‘When will Jeb go?'”