News Analysis: Why Donald Trump Backed Out



It was an abrupt burst and an amazing move, in less than 46 hours before the conclusion of the epic Republican debate until the Iowa caucuses: The presidential aspirant Donald Trump came out looking fierce at Fox News, as he ridiculed the network’s ratings and overtaking political headlines.
But the actual reason why he withdrew from this very popular forum that he has most times so dominated, maybe just more than a grudge he is holding against the network.
What may interest us as the concrete explanation is that a debate, at this point is tie with Senator Ted Cruz, this would subject Mr. Trump to difficult questions about him being defenseless – just like his earlier support for abortion rights, or his very recent disturbing words suggesting that the people of Iowans, who he is relying on their votes, are stupid.
Mr. Trump was spoken by some group of people and he insisted that he strongly have the conviction that victory is his at Iowa and there was this opinion this week by the public, is that Trump is trying to outplay the clock.
Where he involve himself in the debate or not – especially the one organized by a network, and a moderator, whom the presidential aspirant Trump accused of challenging him in an aggressive manner – which resulted to an uncontrollable tensed arguments which the aftermath may greatly be a stepping stone to his chances.
The fact could be as simple as declared: Donald Trump was angered when Fox News top staffs made an utterance making jest him as not serious with his threats to back out from the debate unless the cable TV moderator, Megyn Kelly – whom Trump has consistently attacked for several months – was replaced as the anchor.
It could as well be seen as strategic smart move. “Donald Trump knows that by not showing up, he’s owning the entire event,” Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show. “Some guy not even present will end up owning the entire event, and the proof of that is Fox News last night.”