Sanders Says He’ll Struggle to Win in Iowa



Bernie Sanders one of the Democratic presidential candidates thinks he is almost certain to win next week Monday’s Iowa caucus if the majority of people that have been showing up in his rally shows up to vote, though he presently can’t be totally sure of a victory in the upcoming tough debate.

He reportedly said “We will win if the turnout is large,” the Vermont senator said at a Bloomberg Politics breakfast Thursday in Des Moines. “If the turnout is not large, we’re going to be struggling.”

He and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are running are on a head to head tie in Iowa, the premier of the balloting for the presidential race  would be held on Feb. 1 2016. The persuasive campaign strategy between the two candidates has become very intense in the final lapse before voting finally begins. Tension was written all over Sanders’ face during his speech appearance as he vehemently rejected any suggestion that he would bus in out-of-state college students to caucus for him, the same allegation some Clinton campaign members accused Barack Obama of in 2008.

Sanders reportedly said “I don’t want my integrity and honesty being impugned. This is a lie, an absolute lie. We will win or we’ll lose, we’ll do it honestly,” .

Just only four days before the voters go on the poll to cast their ballot in Iowa, Sanders was seen in The breakfast. We saw a side of Sanders that was not a really happy warrior, presently he is slightly aghast at how far he’s come after trailing Clinton by 50 points in the polls. Instead, he took more time to lace up his shoes for a more competitive battle, seeking to take advantage of voter anger in its entirety from the political establishment to Wall Street.