Donald Trump won’t participate in debate over feud with Fox News



The leading Republican candidate Donald Trump stated on Thursday evening that ” he would make good on his promise to boycott Thursday night’s main Republican presidential debate, staying away from the last face-off before the crucial Iowa caucuses because of his continuing feud with broadcaster” Fox News Channel.

“No, I’m not doing it,” Trump stated after he called news reporters to his private jet for a special media briefing –  which Trump made known his stance on the debate, he emphatically said nothing has changed.

He looked very upset  with Fox News, saying ” the network’s top executives had been calling him every 15 minutes, and that he had spoken earlier to Rupert Murdoch”, who is the chairman of Fox’s parent company, News Corp.

Instead of attending the debate, Trump would rather go to his own rally in another location in Des Moines, which he promised to honor veterans – Trump would have the privilege to offset the debate he is not attending . Trump stated that he had contributed the sum of $1 million of his personal money to veterans’ welfare and the total money raised is $5 million.

The major cause for Trump’s dispute with the debate spearheaded by Fox is his animosity against the moderator , who most times Donald Trump has accused of being antagonistic against him after Kelly threw several tough questions during the first GOP debate in August. Those tensed moments blew out of proportion on Saturday in which Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, told a Fox network executive to keep Kelly off the debate.

Trump earlier stated that he might skip the debate on Monday during several television interviews, resulting in questions about whether the top ranked candidate would really skip a nationally aired debates close to Monday’s caucuses, the maiden nominating contests in the country.