Skipping debate, Trump shows off millions raised for veterans

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trump on ban of apple

Donald Trump the Republican front runner in the presidential race is at it again, this time he is  breaking all the rules of campaigning holding his very own protest event on Thursday to conflict with the final GOP debate before Monday’s Iowa caucuses.

He is seriously upset over a feud that have blown out of proportion with a Fox News debate moderator. Trump is holding on to what his team tagged “Special Event to Benefit Veterans Organizations” at a fully775-seat auditorium at nearby Drake University instead of the debate.

He recently had an interview with reporters on his private plane before the rally at Drake University. Trump reportedly stated that his foundation already had come up with a whooping sum of $5 million. He said he’s contributing the sum of $1 million of his own personal money and that majority of his affluent associates are donating the larger sum of the contributions.

Trump also said that he has canceled any intention of joining the debate even though he said Fox “wanted me to do it very much.” He is not bothered about losing voters who may not be cool with his decision.

“We’ve had other voters that love what I’m doing because they don’t want to be pushed around by the establishment,” said Trump, who is planning hard to participate in the next debate in New Hampshire.

Trump’s campaign team earlier today was working to get together all veterans to speak out their minds at the rally.

One of the attendees will be Joel Arends,  who is the chairman of Veterans for a Strong America. He has openly endorsed Trump as his candidate. He clearly stated the group had no role in planning the event, but asked his channel of supporters to attend.

“This is why we endorsed Trump in the first place, because he’s willing to go around the media gatekeepers and straight to the people,” Arends said, adding, “You shouldn’t need to have a private fundraiser to take care of our wounded vets.”