Donald Trump calls senator Ted Cruz an “Anchor baby”


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Donald Trump’s controversial statements keeps pouring out in rapid succession in recent times. Just yesterday Friday 29th he threw another bombshell by calling Texas Sen. Ted Cruz an “anchor baby” during a campaign stop over in which he also said his main Republican rival got “pummeled” at Thursday night’s GOP debate.

“Ted Cruz may not be a U.S. citizen, right? But he’s an anchor baby. No, he’s an anchor baby — Ted Cruz is an anchor baby in Canada,” Trump made the sarcastic speech to his supporters in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Trump’s use of the term – which describes children born on U.S. soil to parents who are in the country illegally and is widely considered to be derogatory – marks the latest outburst of his attacks against Cruz in which he highlights the Senator Ted Cruz’s Canadian birthplace.

Trump who said in one of his stump speeches that Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother, who were both living legally in Canada at the time, making him an American citizen by birth.

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier responded to Trump’s in statement on Friday, hitting on the New York billionaire’s previous support for legal abortion and comments he made about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, praising her deeds.

“The only anchor here is the one being dragged behind the SS New York Values, causing Donald Trump’s campaign to stall out as voters learn about his affinity for Hillary Clinton and his previous statements supporting abortion,” Frazier said in a statement to CNN.

Trump has often most times stressed on issue of “anchor babies” in the United States far more than any other candidate, most times suggesting in his political speeches that children born on U.S. soil to undocumented parents should not be U.S. citizens, as they are today considered under the law.