Donald trump candidacy divides republicans

The Iowa poll political followers round the world has been earnestly awaiting for is finally here and it has good news for Donald Trump.

On Saturday evening, Bloomberg Politics and the Des Moines Register released the results of their final Iowa caucus poll, on Sunday evening, the poll was conducted by widely-renowned pollster Ann Selzer and has been faultless and accurate in the past years.

For the Republican race, Trump is rated the first with 28 percent, Ted Cruz takes the second place with 23 percent and Marco Rubio in placed third with 15 percent. These  three candidates are the only republicans rated above 10 percent support.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is strongly leading with 45 percent,  taking the second place is Bernie Sanders with 42 percent. Martin O’Malley is placed in a lowly position with just 3 percent.

Selzer who has a great reputation of polling the caucuses

Polling the Iowa caucuses is really not an easy one. These events are extraordinary primaries — they take place at a specific time in the evening and can take pretty much time to conclude. So predicting who will show up in the poll is not an easy task and this has led many pollsters nuts in the past. Adding that many voters end up suddenly declining when the poll is at its tail end, this makes it  pretty challenging for a pollster.

Trump’s lead is bigger than Clinton’s

Now Would Donald Trump’s supporters actually turn out to the polls, that’s the biggest question that is being asked and would they turnout most especially to the caucuses.

But Selzer’s numbers, has rated Trump high in recent weeks but before now her poll has previously shown Cruz up. The New York billionaire whose presidential ambitions have long been mocked, scorned, and dismissed seems well-placed to pull off a historic victory in Iowa Monday night. Now comparing Trump’s and Clinton’s ratings at the poll is like that of a Lion and a Lioness.