Confident Carson predicts a dramatic return in Iowa



Ben Carson accuses

Unshaken by his dwindling poll numbers, a bold and confident Ben Carson is heading into Monday’s Iowa caucuses predicting a strong showing that he says will bring about a turn over in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

He spoke to The Hill in between campaign stops in Iowa over the weekend, Carson said that the media might be mistaken for writing him off this early, he also made it clear to them that the ballot cast would speak for itself.

“It’s going to be shock and awe” Carson said. “The pundits will say ‘How did we not see this? Are we losing control? What’s going on here?’ That’s certainly the indication I’m getting from talking to people.”

This is the first time the retired pediatric neurosurgeon is running for a political office. Last October, he became the first GOP contender to give the long-time leader Donald Trump a serious fight.

But Carson’s lack of experience in the political terrain became a liability when the race turned to national security in the wake of several high-profile terrorist attacks. He was caught off guard for not having foreign policy expertise and has never recovered.

As his polling numbers dwindles, Carson’s experienced some form of tension in his campaign team and his close friend and adviser Armstrong Williams came to a head on New Year’s Eve. Carson’s major staffers resigned, leaving the campaign in a bad shape just a month out from the Iowa caucuses.

Now, Carson enters the caucuses back in familiar territory as the underdog

“As long as that changes” Carson said laughing. “I expect Monday will be the beginning of that change.”

Carson now admitted that he’s gunning for a third-place finish, trusting it will help stir him up into South Carolina where his campaign thinks he can be competitive.

If Carson doesn’t finish in third, he also admitted that it will be time for him to recheck his political agendas.

“We’re always in reassessment mode” Carson said. “We’re always looking at what percentage of the vote we’re getting, whether money is continuing to flow, whether our support base continues to be solid. All of those things have to be looked at beyond just a specific number.”


    Carson is done-he injected too much religious nonsense into his campaign. And the bigotry expressed toward gays was vile. Bye Bye!