Winners from the Iowa caucuses


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Finally the first vote of the 2016 presidential election the Iowa caucuses is concluded in the history books. Below are the winners at the just concluded Iowa caucuses .



• Ted Cruz: The Republican candidate gave a good fight which secured him a win in Iowa. The now famous Evangelicals, who spurred Mike Huckabee to victory in 2008 and Rick Santorum to a win in 2012. They also spur Ted to victory in Iowa caucus this time, what amazes many most especially the media is that Cruz won convincingly. Cruz was the right fit Southern, social conservative for Iowa. This just the beginning, as the battle promises to be stiffer, Cruz victory has placed him among the top frontiers.


• Marco Rubio: The senator from Florida also gave a good fight which got him a position closely behind Trump. As importantly for Rubio he was leader among all GOP candidates among people who made up their minds in the past week. Rubio is performance at the poll would bring about a push i his campaign team, he might as well attract political donors so as to give the other establishment candidates a good fight or maybe kick them out of the race.


• Hillary Clinton: The stakes for Clinton in Iowa were absolutely massive. She was expecting nothing less than a win. Before now, one would have expected Clinton to have a flawless victory without a tough opposition. But now the table has turned around as she narrowly won opponent with a slim chance. She publicly acknowledged breathing a “sigh of relief” at the result in Iowa in her speech after the vote, although she tried not to brag about her victory. If Clinton campaign team didn’t prepared had enough, Sanders might overturn the table in New Hampshire with the high pace he is moving now.


• Bernie Sanders:  Sanders is a strong favorite and the result today will spur him to even become stronger. The septuagenarian socialist senator from Vermont fought Clinton to what amount to a draw,  this is an absolutely remarkable achievement. No one could have predicted that we will eventually come out this strong when he announced nine months ago about his presidential aspiration. Sanders team  would go all out to give Clinton a tough fight at the New Hampshire.

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