Winners from the New Hampshire Republican debate


The Republican presidential aspirants took the stage for their most recent debate Saturday night in Manchester, N.H., the event took place three days before the second contest of the 2016 nominating contest the New Hampshire primary.

There was a huge turn around Donald Trump leads the state by a wide margin, while the other GOP candidates are fighting for second place. It was really an intriguing night as Donald Trump wowed the audience.

Checkout the winners bellow.


Donald Trump: Trump is presently leading polls in New Hampshire. Trump basically took on a new strategy by sinking into the background, taking himself out of the spotlight. This worked perfectly for him, just like he compelled all the candidates to concede the state to him. The only time Trump really got an off-set and all worked up was when Jeb Bush lodged a resounding domain attack. Which led to the crowd booing Trump. Trump accused the crowd of being stacked with GOP establishment types and donors not his people.

But that was really about it. At a point, Marco Rubio was asked whether Trump was a conservative, he didn’t give a direct answer . In his answer, Rubio didn’t mention Trump once. In in all Rubio is one man who could have beat Trump on Tuesday, that was quite glaring but it ends up a bad night for Rubio.

Ted Cruz:  As one of the republican front-runners, Cruz recently won Iowa and has a greater opportunity to the GOP nomination starting in South Carolina on Feb. 20. Though he’s not expected to win in New Hampshire, what everyone gave him was a pass on Thursday. He was even less attacked than Trump; not even his constant immigration arguments with Rubio surfaced. Cruz, have at least one challenging moment just like Trump, when he couldn’t answer properly the question on waterboarding, but he recovered quickly.

Cruz voice quavered towards the end of the debate when he talked about his half-sister’s drug and alcohol addiction and resulting to her death. It was really an emotional time and a memorable one indeed. This is the moment people picked the most in Cruz debate.