It was a big night for the governors in the New Hamsphire Republican debate



The Republican presidential aspirants met one final time before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Checkout the high points as GOP candidates battled at Saint Anselm College in Manchester:

Great night for the governors

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been resounding a message for months that his experience governing a state qualifies him more to be president, as he’s stated in a sarcastic manner, “a first-term senator.” Ultimately that will be for the voters to decide, but Saturday night, the message was directed particularly against Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

“Every morning when a United States senator wakes up, they think about what kind of speech can I give or what kind of bill can I drop,” Christie said. “Every morning, when I wake up, I think about what kind of problem do I need to solve for the people who actually elected me.”

Though he wasn’t the only governor, past or current, who performed well. Ohio Gov. Other governors like John Kasich and former Florida governor Jeb Bush each had a great night, this could be seen as their strongest of the campaign so far.

With the rate at which they all performed, with all having a good nights, and they each pull in almost equal levels of support, who wins on Tuesday might be difficult to predict. Maybe Donald Trump, who leads all polls.

Christie, Bush, Rubio and Kasich are all fighting to establish a strong ground and mantle to push forward. Christie and Kasich have both directly said that they need to perform well in New Hampshire to carry on. It is difficult to see both of them moving on to South Carolina if they finish behind Bush and Rubio on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina who did not qualify for Saturday’s debate, will have to work harder to qualify for a stage next weekend.