Is Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Biting Off More Than He Can Chew?

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Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders
Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders

Is Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Biting Off More Than He Can Chew?

Still on a rampaging roll in popularity, junior United States Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders seems to be willing to take on all comers in his bid for the for the White House in 2016.

Sanders has taken on big business, big banks, big medico, the military, education, just about every debate outside of which is stronger, the dark side of the Force or the light side.

Recently, while thumping the podium, Sanders continued his support for breaking up the big banks. He’ll get lots of support for that as most Americans do not, cannot, and should not trust the big banking institutions. These institutions have been continuously been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and have gotten no more than mild slaps on the wrist, bail outs and “too big to fail” labels.

The past 15 years alone have seen the biggest banking scandals in human history, and although some fines have been levied, the cost of those fines are shifted to the consumer via higher fees and costs. The ‘Bansksters’ as they’re called have been getting away ‘Scott Free’ and there’s no end in sight.

Sanders hasn’t gone into elaborate detail on how he would achieve a more ethical and productive banking infrastructure, but he’s got so much support from experts in the field including former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, that if he does get the big chair and goes on his crusade, he’ll lack nothing in regard to brain power to tackle the issue.

Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders
Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders

Piling on that, his ideas for reform across the board are more than just ambitious, so much so that it seems impossible that anyone could make so much headway during afour year term. To his advantage, however, is his keen knowledge on how government works, how Congress and the Senate operate, and what the Constitution means and how it is interpreted.

He sounds too good to be true. Telling the downtrodden of the country just what they want to hear from a politician who appears to be for the common folk. He’s got a great track record, however, showing that he can get things moving and done. Another big feather in his cap, but the presidential cap may be too big for his head.

There is so much corruption and inefficiency in government from the local, state, and federal level, that for Sanders to achieve his goals, he’s going to have to come off the plate swinging for the fences.

Overall, Bernie Sanders has proven he’s the frontrunner, overtaking Hillary Clinton in many areas. As they candidates come down the final stretch, Sanders is going to have to detail in full what his plans are and how they’ll affect the country. Anything other than that is just hot air.

Let us know in the comments below your views on presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

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