562 new Clinton emails for the public eyes

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Clinton emails scandal

State Department has released 562 documents from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email account, all part of a U.S. District Court judge’s order to make public the remaining 5,500 pages of Clinton’s emails before the end of the month, says CNN.

Will this have an impact on the results of the Nevada caucuses?

With one day before the Nevada Democratic caucuses, the Clinton emails scandal is in the spotlight, once again. State Department made public 1,116 pages on Friday, bringing up the total page count of released Clinton emails to 46,946, confirms CBS News.

Although none of the 562 documents released Friday was upgraded to “secret” or “top secret.”, this could have a big impact in the Democratic nomination race. Hillary Clinton is head to head with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and this reminder of the former Secretary of State’s incapacity to handle classified documents could change the voters’ perspective. Of approximately 27,500 emails released by the State Department since last May, 1,752 were upgraded to “confidential”, says CNN.

Some of the emails were between Clinton and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, on February 2011. “Nothing about this is easy.”, told Albright to Clinton. After a week, Clinton replied “You’re not kidding that nothing about this is easy!”.

But wait, there’s even more emails to come!

On the other hand, other emails were between her and aid Jake Sullivan, confirms CBS News. But with the State Department’s plan to finish releasing her emails public on Feb. 29, just before the critical Super Tuesday primaries, Clinton will have to confront this nemesis also, not just Bernie Sanders.

According to CBS News, the former Secretary of State is favorite to win in Nevada, despite the Clinton emails scandal, but latest polling released just days before the caucuses show a close race between Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.