7 in 10 voters see Hillary Clinton becoming President

hillary clinton favorite in polls

Even though there’s still some time left until the general elections, it’s obvious that Hillary Clinton has a notable advantage over Donald Trump, as according to a new poll conducted by CNN/ORC, the Democrats’ candidate is seen as favorite by 7 out of 10 voters.

The poll also claims that once the vote counts in all states will be over, the losing candidate will be obliged to accept the results and eventually congratulate the winner.

The Democrats have all the reasons to be happy!

There’s definitely way more optimism in the Democratic side, as 68% of those who were questioned believe that Hillary Clinton will be the next U.S. President. As a side note, back in June, after the primaries ended, this number stopped at 55%.

Also, 93% of the former Secretary of State’s supporters expect her to win, while just 57% of Donald Trump’s backers consider that the businessman has what it takes to obtain a victory. What’s also interesting is that 72% among Trump backers believe that Clinton is going to win as well!

When it comes to how correct the voting process will be, 66% of Americans say that they are confident that the process will be accurate, according to CNN.

Will the loser accept the results?

Finally, 77% of the respondents believe that whoever loses the elections has an obligation to accept the results, but just 35% consider that Donald Trump will actually do it. As for Hillary Clinton, just 22% of the voters doubt that she will accept the result if she somehow loses.

The poll was conducted between October 20 and 23, among a random national sample of 1017 adults, from which 916 were registered voters. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.