A Majority Of Republicans Believe Obama Is A Muslim

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Even though President Obama is well into his second term more than half of Republicans still believe he is a Muslim. This is according to a poll that was released on Tuesday by Public Policy Polling. 54 percent of Republicans still believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim, 14 percent believe he is a Christian and 32 percent are unsure.

Mr. Obama’s country of birth also remains an issue among many Republicans. A majority, 44 percent, is of the opinion that he wasn’t born in the United States and only a third believe that he was born in America. Another a third of Republicans are not sure where Obama was born.


All through Mr. Obama’s term there have been strong beliefs echoed by Donald Trump supporters that Obama is a foreign born Muslim. 61 percent of Donald Trump supporters think that Obama was born outside the United States and another 60 percent think he is a Muslim.

There have been many conspiracy theories about President Obama have existed among Republicans. Since 2008 there have been many polls results from Republicans with many of them believing Obama is a Muslim. Recently Wisconsin Governor and Republican Presidential hopeful Scott Walker said that he didn’t know if Obama is a Christian.