A more relaxed Jeb Bush, still trailling in Iowa

jeb bush gop debate

Once considered the main candidate for the Republican party, Jeb Bush never reached the expectations. But now, with just two days before presidential nominations, Bush finally seems relaxed and eager to talk about his family, campaign and future of the country, says Miami Herald.

Mr. Bush seemed more confident than ever

Jeb Bush was present at Thursday’s GOP debate and, without Donald Trump there, the Florida Senator looked more casual and cool. Maybe if he was like this since the beginning of the presidential race, he would have stood a chance. With nothing to lose, better late than never, Jeb understood that it’s OK to be a Bush and he embraced his family’s political dynasty.

“I am in the establishment because my dad, the greatest man alive, was president of the United States, and my brother, who I adore as well, as a fantastic brother, was president. Fine, I’ll take it. I guess I’m part of the establishment. Barbara Bush is my mom. I’ll take that, too. But this election is not about our pedigree; this is an election about people that are really hurting. We need a leader that will fix things and has a proven record to do it.”, said the Florida Senator, according to the same source.

The change of attitude came a bit later for Jeb Bush

Just eight months ago, Bush had seriously problems when talking about his family. That was the first sign for his donors and supporters to comprehand that Jeb isn’t quite the candidate/leader the Republicans need. Now, it seems that he’s more capable of answering uncomfortable questions, but his time has passed. At least for now. Maybe this is a lesson from which Jeb Bush can learn something if he thinks of trying his luck again at the next elections.

“I’m Jeb, exclamation point — proud to be a Bush”, said Jeb Bush in Carroll, when asked to compare himself with his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and his brother, former President George W. Bush, says Miami Herald. Jeb Bush is trailling in Iowa and probably he won’t catch the top three positions in the upcoming presidential nominations.