A possible Cruz win in Iowa will set on fire the ethanol mandate

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ted cruz ethanol mandate

Ted Cruz has found a way to step up the ladder in the GOP nomination race and is now just one step behind Donald Trump. But in Iowa, the Cuban Republican candidate is in front and not few expect him to win. What would that mean? Well, for starter, we could say bye-bye to the ethanol mandate, claims The Washington Post.

Cruz’s result might have a high impact

Over the years, since the 1980’s, every Republican who has won the Iowa caucuses supported the ethanol mandate. According to the same source, you could have called Bob Dale in 1988 and 1996 “Senator Ethanol.”

Citing his opposition to ethanol, John McCain basically bypassed the Hawkeye State in 2000 and 2008. George W. Bush backed the corn-for-energy industry by creating the Renewable Fuel Standard, which still requires refiners to mix a certain amount of ethanol into gasoline. But the ethanol mandate could have its days numbered if Cruz wins in Iowa. He demolished the federal support that ethatol is receiving, including the RFS, which he sees as market-distorting corporate welfare.

The Republican doesn’t fancy renewable fules

And desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s why the corn lobby is doing everything in its powers to stop Cruz in Iowa. America’s Renewable Future, an industry-funded initiative led by Eric Branstad, the son of the popular Republican governor, is the one that’s making quite a fuss, with radio ads, direct mail and robocalls.

“Cruz is the most anti-ethanol, anti-renewable fuel, of all the candidates. They’ve got a whole army of people that are working on this … If they are able to stop the Cruz momentum, that will show the real clout of the renewables.”, said governor Terry Branstad to Bloomberg this month. If they don’t succeed, it could become untenable for a Republican to embrace the RFS in 2020 and win over fiscal conservatives, says The Washington Post.

  • Erocker

    Cruz is more of an anti corporate welfare type. Not really anti-ethanol. He often says from what he heard from the corn growers is that ethanol is a wonderful product and therefor would do good in a free market economy.

  • Larry Linn

    Are the farmers in the Iowa aware that Ted Cruz wants to
    eliminate agricultural subsidies for corn?