A South Carolina win could be huge for Donald Trump

donald trump south carolina

There’s just one day left until the GOP primary from South Carolina and everybody is trying to predict who will be crowned winner. Of course, predicting is nothing serious, as the real insights about a potential winner are given by polls, which, currently, are pointing to Donald Trump as the big favorite.

Trump, king of the polls

A South Carolina victory for Donald Trump would be massive, reinforcing his status as a front-runner and bringing him one step closer to winning the GOP nomination. In the same time, his main competitors’ mission would be even harder.

According to The Hill, the polls indicate that Donald Trump is currently leading with 13 points over Texas Senator Ted Cruz, while an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released this Friday, quoted by the same source, says that Trump has 28 percent, followed by Cruz, with 23.

A lot of voters are still undecided

On the other side, these results might as well be relevant, as South Carolina voters are well known from deciding upon a favorite candidate during the final days of the contest, so Mr. Trump should start with the idea that he’s already a winner.

“The odds are still on Trump, for sure, but I would not underestimate two or three of the other candidates, and I would point you to the exit polls in ’12 that in South Carolina said 55 percent of the voters made up their minds in the last week,” said Walter Whetsell, a GOP consultant. “Dramatic, big things are happening very quickly.”

Finally, it will be very interesting to see how many delegates from South Carolina will opt for Cruz. As a comparison, in Iowa and New Hampshire, he managed to obtain 17 of them, followed by Cruz, with 11, and Rubio, with 10.

South Carolina is the last important event before the Super Tuesday, scheduled on March 11, when several states will hold primary elections.