Al Gore, to join Hillary Clinton in Miami

al gore and hillary clinton

While Donald Trump keeps losing powerful allies, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is expected this Tuesday in Miami, alongside her husband’s former vice president, Al Gore.

According to The New York Times, they are expected to focus a lot on climate change during the event, considered Al Gore’s signature issue, as well as a high priority among young voters, whom Mrs. Clinton is hoping to convince that she’s the best option in November’s general elections.

Al Gore knows best how important voting is

Of course, this won’t the only point the Democrats are hoping to cover during the gathering. Considering the situation he’s been through back in 2000, when he lost the elections due to the recount in Florida, Al Gore is the only person who can encourage voter registration and convince citizens that each and every ballot counts.

“Take it from me, elections matter,” he said in 2008, endorsing Senator Barack Obama.

Mr. Gore decided to backup Hillary Clinton’s campaign in July, announcing the endorsement on Twitter and now, the former Secretary of State hope that his long absence from politics will heighten the potency of his appearance. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how young voters will resonate with him, since his ‘prime in politics’ was 16 years ago.

It is well known that Hillary Clinton is trying to convince as much young voters as possible to vote, since this category can play a very important role in the final result of the elections.

Hillary Wants youngsters to express their option

“We particularly want young people to vote,” she said at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, where more than 18,000 people attended, “because this is your election more than anybody else’s.”

However, Tuesday’s meet should be a bit more targeted, covering local problems, like rising sea levels, as well as pledging to protect the Paris climate agreement.