America, The Recovery Just Ain’t Working & Neither Are Americans


America, The Recovery Just Ain’t Working & Neither Are Americans

In more startling news regarding the labor force, the latest figures show that approximately 93,777,000 Americans are either no longer in the labor force or have just given up trying.

This figures are abominable to say the least. That many people not earning an income are a major drain on federal, state, and local levels. In addition, if they’re relying on family support, those resources are spread thin and it’s only a matter of time before something snaps and national chaos ensues.

To fathom how large this number of people out of work is, there are roughly 350 million people in the US. Subtracting children and the elderly, these stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released last week show almost a third if not half the adult population out of work. This isn’t a recession, post recession, or wobble in the economy, it’s a depression in disguise. The Obama Administration may like to play ‘pretend’, but the facts are facts. Is it Obama’s fault? In part, yes. Instead of going after the big corporations during the Great Recession of 2007, he bailed them out after they promised they would take future profits and raise wages and provide jobs and reinvest in the American infrastructure.

Guess what, they didn’t. As a matter of fact, they did everything opposite of what they promised to do. They knew they were immune to prosecution by the Dept. of Justice and that they had the Federal Reserve in their back pocket. Obama failed. Corporations and Wall St. are enjoying the biggest gains and profits in history, while Americans wallow in despair, misery, low wages, and mounting debt.

Obama didn’t create the problem, that started with the Republicans during the George W. Bush Administration. Two costly wars, rampant theft by banks and big business. The American public’s resources ran dry and with the federal government willfully failing to handle the illegal immigration problem, jobs for law abiding Americans are scarce and getting scarcer.

With several states mandating $15 per hour minimum wages, corporations are livid, and if the Republicans regain the White House, that dream will die and plunge things into an irrecoverable abyss.

The 2016 presidential hopefuls are either avoiding the issue or issuing bold statements on how to correct the problem. So far only Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders has offered a plan, a drastic one that has Republicans trembling in stark terror. The other candidates on both sides are tip-toeing the issue as they know to broach the subject could mean getting cut off early from the running by the fearful and disgruntled.

Something has to be done and fast. With Winter less than 6 months away, the economic strain on families supporting families and friend supporting friends could be too much. Should civil disobedience erupt, it would allow the Republicans to thump their chests about needing more security, more armed police to quell the fears of the wealthy who don’t want another ‘storming of the Bastille’ to occur, this time in America.