American military base attacked in Afghanistan this weekend

american military base attacked

An American military base in Kabul was attacked on Friday, said NATO on Saturday. A NATO coalition soldier and eight Afghan contractors were killed in the attack, in one of three attacks that shocked the capital Friday.

According to CNN and Fox, the soldier was an American, but his nationality has yet to be confirmed. The eight Afghans were working for NATO’s Resolute Support mission. Academi, U. S. security contractor, was responsible for camp integrity. After the three attacks on Friday, it seems that president Ashraf Ghani’s efforts to make peace with the talibans are in vain. 50 people were killed in one of the bloodiest days for the Afghan capital in recent years.

The American military base attack, condemned by the U.S. State Department

“We strongly condemn the series of insurgent attacks in Kabul,” spokesperson Mark Toner said in a statement Saturday, according to the Wall Street Journal, cited by USA Today. He added that Talibans and other Afghan militant groups should bring an end to violence, because it’s destroying the country piece by piece.

Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour

Friday’s American military base attack comes a more than a week after the Afghan intelligence service announced that Mullah Mohammad Omar, Taliban leader, has been dead for more than two years. His place was taken by Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, who claimed that the peace negotiation doesn’t exist.

“When we hear about different processes including the peace process, they are all the propaganda campaigns by the enemy,” according to an audio message by Mansour. It seems that for Mansour the people in the American military base were the enemy and they needed to die.

Over 5000 victims, just in 2015

United Nations issued a report on Wednesday, saying that over 5 000 civilians died this year, casualties of the war between the Taiban and Afghan forces. The worse thing is that the report covers the first six months and probably by the end of 2015 more innocent people will keep losing their lives, „demonstrating the continued failure of parties to the conflict to protect civilians from harm.”