Another important endorsement for Donald Trump

donald trump and brian france

Just before Super Tuesday, Donald Trump received important endorsement from NASCAR’s chief executive and several NASCAR drivers. What seemed more like a joke last year, has turned into a possible reality, with the mogul viewed as most likely to become his party’s nominee.

A considerably important supporter for the GOP front-runner

Monday, Brian France, the racing association’s CEO, stepped on the stage alongside Donald Trump during a rally at Valdosta State University. He started to praise Trump’s success in both his business and personal life.

“You know about his winning in business and success. I’m gonna tell you, he wins with his family. That’s how I judge a winner”, said France, according to CNN.

Besides France, on stage climbed Bill Elliott, a retired champion NASCAR driver. He also had only nice things to say about Donald Trump.

“For what he can do I think for our country, I’m all for it. We need a change guys, that’s all there is to it”, claimed Elliott, quoted by the same source. Elliott’s son and two other current NASCAR drivers also endorsed Trump, urging others to vote for the businessman.

Definitely a surprising endorsement, considering past events

For many, NASCAR’s decision to support Trump came as a shock. When Donald Trump had some inappropriate comments this summer about Mexican immigrants, the racing association decided to boycott the Trump National Doral as the location for its postseason banquet and move it to another place.

NASCAR’s 2015 season averaged 5.1 million viewers, according to the ESPN-owned website.

Tuesday, more than a dozen states will vote in the Republican nomination elections. With other important endorsements received recently, from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump is one step away from winning his party’s nomination. Tuesday, 3/1/2016, can become an important date in modern history. All we can do is pray for the best.