Another Republican candidate has dropped out of the White House race

bobby jindal

Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has decided to retire from the race for the spot at the White House, dropping out mainly because of low polling numbers both nationally and in Iowa, where he had focused most of his 2016 bid, says ABC News.

The Louisiana Governor told Fox News’ Bret Baier that he will no longer compete for the Republican nomination. “

Only 14 candidates left in the internal race

I am suspending my campaign for president of the United States. The reality though is, they told me as a young child, Americans can do anything. I believed them then, I believe them now. But you know, this is not my time. I’ve come to the realization this is not my time.”, stated Bobby Jindal. With Jindal’s retirement announced, that now leaves only 14 Republican candidates in this intern dispute. Donald Trump and neurosurgeon Ben Carson.are in front in polls and will probably battle until the end.

According to the same source, Bobby Jindal had participated in the undercard round of the four GOP debates so far, unable to reach high enough poll numbers to make the main stage. Even in Iowa, where he had high hopes for a better support, he got only 6 percent in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in October.

“America needs to be restored, but not by Donald Trump”

“Even though I’m not going to be a candidate for president, we had better elect the right candidate so we can restore the American dream before it’s too late,” Bobby Jindal said. Jindal probably didn’t referred to Donald Trump, whom he called a “egomaniacal madman” and a “entertaining narcissist.”

But, nevertheless, Jindal’s advisers say that he has a bright future, leaving room for future candidatures. “I think he’ll leave every option on the table,” campaign manager Timmy Teepell told reporters, quoted by ABC News.

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