Ashley Madison Dump 2: Revenge Of The Hackers


Ashley Madison Dump 2: Revenge Of The Hackers

The tsunami of hacked information from the adult dating website, Ashley Madison, that features married persons who are looking for affairs, continues to hit the shores of the highest offices in the world.

Last week, the Hackers, named ‘Impact Team‘ dumped over 9.7 gigabytes of stolen emails and personal data of over 40 million users of the website from around the world. These names and personal info include members of the White House, top government agencies, business leaders, religious higher ups, and law enforcement.

The media and public are in shock of the sheer volume of the hacked data, and as they’ve sworn to do, Team Impact has dumped two more chunks of hacked data and the results are devastating to families, business, and persons worldwide. Lawsuits are flying left and right against the parent company that owns the website and one lawsuit is for over $500 million from a Canadian man who established the lawsuit as a sort of class action for Canadian users of the site.

Team Impact’s vengeful assault is due to what they’ve stated is their disdain for the Ashley Madison website and what it stands for. Top law enforcement specialists agree that it could be the motive, but they also suspect something more sinister, like sabotage, an inside job, so that a new website featuring the same venue can be established and grab up the customers that Ashley Madison has lost.

The list of top government brass and specialists is phenomenal. The Associated Press did some digging to trace the the accounts of those exposed by the hackers and they turned up alarming information. Employees from the Department of Homeland security, White House, justice Department, Departments of Defense, State, Energy, Treasury, and Transportation. Congress and the Senate as well.

It gets worse. The United Nations, Sony, US Bancorp, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, are just a few of the top banking institutions where employee’s data shows up on the list of users of the Ashley Madison adultery website. It shows that many of the users actually were foolish enough to use government and corporate email accounts or used servers from their workplaces to interact with the website.

As more scrutiny over the emails and accounts goes on, it’s sure to reveal some celebrities as well. The aftermath will bring attorneys lots of business regarding divorce and civil suits. With the second and third dumps of data by the hackers, there’s no telling what else they’ve got planned.

Finally, suspicion as to who the hackers really are has speculators all over the place. Are they legit with their cause or are they just competitors trying to sabotage the website, or are they government contractors using espionage to control the elections, or are they foreign powers bent on humiliating the West. North Korea? Iran? Russia? All are suspect and the sheer devastation of the crimes committed will have the FBI and law enforcement put to the test of historical proportions.