Attempts of hacking state elections systems, investigated by the FBI

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fbi investigates cyber attack

As the general elections get closer, we’re looking forward to hear more and more details about various attempts of influencing the results. And we’re not talking about legal attempts, of course.

FBI issued an alert for all states

According to The Washington Post, the FBI is currently under alert after a series of suspected foreign hacks of state election computer systems and websites was reported. The Bureau has warned all states to be on continuous alert for potential intrusions, as it’s likely to happen again.

The warning was issued on August 18, after two states reported intrusions into the systems of Democratic party organizations, claiming that Russian hackers could be behind all this.

“The FBI is requesting that states contact their Board of Elections and determine if any similar activity to their logs, both inbound and outbound, has been detected,” said an FBI “flash” alert, not intended for general public release.

This isn’t a first!

Even though the states in which the elections systems were attacked weren’t mentioned, it is believe that the hackers targeted Arizona and Illinois.

Back in June, the Arizona Secretary of State’s office decided to shut down a part of its website after a threat to the voting registration system was discovered by the federal agents. Also, the Illinois Voting Registration System went through a similar issue in July, suffering a cyber intrusion which gave hackers access to voter records.

After these events, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson organized a conference with state election officials, offering assistance in protecting website against new attacks. He also mentioned that the Department wasn’t aware of any of these threats for the general elections systems, according to a readout of the call he had with the officials.

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