The Authorities of Norway Decided To Legalise Poker Clubs

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Norway is a country known to have one of the harshest laws against gambling in the entire Europe. Another fact that allows Norway to put itself out of the pressure placed on its neighbouring EU citizens like the Swedish and Finnish - to soften their policies on domination coordinated by the state - is that it isn’t a member of the EU. This is why we always have very few legal websites for gambling in Norway. Over the preceding century, a majority of gambling mediums were illegitimate in the country and the very few that were not restricted were severely state-controlled and only provided by the monopoly ordered by the state.

Sometime in 1927, Norway first experienced an amendment that supported legal horse racing throughout the country. Again in 1992, the country experienced some amendments for approved lottery, sports, and other wagering on games. Then in 2008, it became legal for people to take part in gambling at foreign websites. All these changes seemed slow, but they kept occurring to give the gambling industry in Norway the shape it has today.

Recently, several opportunities await Norwegian players online as seen on Leo Vegas online casino review. The resurrection of live poker events in Norway is all as a result of the modification of the ban placed on live poker in the country. Norway had been under restrictive regulations for poker game played with money for decades until 2014 when some amendments were made to the lottery regulations. These modifications to the regulation of gambling created room for humanitarian and socially beneficial establishments to get an approval to run poker championships in the country. The country is bound to see a lot of home poker games and new legislative frameworks for organisers of poker events due to the result of the severe preparatory efforts of the gambling regulatory of Norway and the issued recommendations of the country’s Ministry of Culture.

Gradual Changes After Legalizing Poker Gambling in Norway

Getting an approval means having the right to host national poker championships that would benefit the establishments for a three-year period. This certainly marks an achievement for the Norwegian Leukaemia association to be able to host the first poker championship in the country back then in October to November of the year 2015.

This same bill that got introduced to the parliament makes it possible to hold poker games excluding the requirement of an approval from a local institution as long as the event would include players not exceeding 10 in number and a buy-in equivalent not exceeding about a hundred and fifty-three dollars (NOK 1,000). The one hundred and fifty-three dollar limit was set somewhere in 2015, which marks a tangible increase to the eighty-three dollars limit that was set earlier and such increment is expected to keep occurring from time to time. All in all, the situation is that there is a way to take part in gambling legally in the country and this has also brought some good news to the lovers of the poker game. We are meant to expect a lot of favours in direction of the widespread of online gambling in Norway even if it means getting fully legalised, adding some restrictions as usual, or placing some tax revenue on it.