Barack Obama is the founder of Isis, according to Donald Trump

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barack obama associated with isis

It seems that Republican nominee Donald Trump wants all the headlines for himself, otherwise it can’t be explained why he keeps making such shocking declarations. After suggesting his supporters that shooting Hillary Clinton might be a good idea, the businessman now claims that President Barack Obama founded Isis.

First Clinton, Now Obama!

According to The Guardian, these comments were made at a rally in Sunrise, Florida, just a day after his discourse about the Second Amendment.

“Isis is honoring President Obama,” Donald Trump said of Islamic State. “He is the founder of Isis. He founded Isis. And, I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

This isn’t the first time such an accusation is made, as last week, during an event in the same state, Trump said that his opponent for a place in the Oval Office “should gen an award from them as the founder of Isis.

It has been long since Republicans started criticizing the Obama administration for the current situation in the Middle East, claiming that the President has underestimated the threat that the terrorist organization is. However, claiming that he is directly connected to Isis is way too much.

“Hussein”, one of Donald Trump’s main arguments

In order to strengthen his opinion, Trump also started referring to the president by his full name - Barack Hussein Obama - besides repeating several times that he’s the one behind the organization that started being known in 2003.

The interesting part is that even though he talks a lot about Isis and keeps associating people with the terrorist faction, Donald Trump has not presented a clear strategy against them until know, except bombing and the already famous Muslim immigration ban. But it is already know that he’s planning to hire the best people to help him with foreign policy, right?

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