Barack Obama is trying once again to make gun control stricter

Barack Obama on gun control

Currently, gun control is one of the biggest issues the United States of America are dealing with, fact revealed by the multiple shootings registered lately, some of them even being classified as terrorist attacks. Considering this, President Barack Obama is trying to end his term at the White House with a important move: expanding gun background checks.

The President seems affected by all the shootings

It’s well known that the President has been constantly complaining about this issue, even letting his emotions free whenever talking about gun control. “We’ve become numb to this,” he said, back in October, after another mass shooting, according to CNN Politics.

Despite all his efforts, aided by his executive powers, Barack Obama, hampered by the Congress and wary Democrats, failed in his attempt to make gun control laws stricter. Still, he doesn’t want to leave the Oval Office without making one last effort in this direction.

This Tuesday, the President will reveal a new series of executive actions, including mandatory background checks for private gun sales. During a live town hall meeting, hosted by CNN, he will ask for public support, revealing that stopping gun violence is one of the priorities of his last year as President.

Trump has a different opinion

Of course, Republicans, led by the GOP’s 2016 front-runner Donald Trump have a totally different point of view on the gun control issues. Keeping it short, he insists that Barack Obama’s actual purpose is to make impossible for people to buy guns.

The President has a strong background with guns, being concerned about the policy ever since his first term at the White House. Now, he wants to try once again to fix what he considers as one of the country’s biggest problems, through a set of new measures. If he succeeds, it remains to be seen.