Beating Around The Bush, George H.W. Bush, That Is


Beating Around The Bush, George H.W. Bush, That Is

At 91 years old, former President of the United States George H.W. Bush is watching history unfold under his family’s name a third time. His son Jeb, former Florida governor is running for President but he’s not gaining the ground that one with his namesake should.

This baffles the senior Bush and for some reason he can’t fathom why. The elder Bush is disabled but still highly active regarding his son’s campaign. The public, however, is very clear as to why they don’t clamor around Jeb Bush. It’s as clear as the nose on one’s face that Jeb Bush is not going to get the Republican nomination because of his surname.

People are basically, Bushed.

The Bush family has ruled in politics for almost 100 years. Starting with banking and oil and working itself up through the ranks of the intelligence communities and finally to a White House vice presidency under the late Ronald Reagan and then to one time presidency slot for George H.W. Bush, then a two term slot for George W. Bush.

After this one family’s goings on and it all leading up to disaster after disaster, enshrouded in mystery, murder, and mayhem, the public just doesn’t want them around anymore and for former President Bush not to realize this as the reason for his son’s low numbers, is a sign of delusion on his part.

One can’t find some global or domestic disaster that the Bush family hasn’t been connected to going all the way back to WWII and the Holocaust. Prescott bush, the patriarch of the family and employee of Standard Oil, is mired in controversy and proven historical documentation of his and his company’s involvement in building up the German forces under Adolph Hitler. It just goes downhill after that and the public, having had survived barely from George W. Bush’s terms where 9/11 occurred, two wars started on false data, massive financial scandals committed by direct friends and associates of the Bush Family, it’s so obvious that these people may mean well, but their final results are indicative of sociopathy.

Former President George H.W. Bush is a WWII hero. A real life Luke Skywalker. Fits him perfectly. Youngest fighter pilot of his day with a successful career and also surviving being shot down by enemy fire. Unfortunately that Force power isn’t rubbing off and he’ll have to resign to the fact that due to his son George W. Bush’s performance, the Bush days of domination are over.