Ben Carson Does not Support a Muslim Republican Presidential Aspirant.



benHe was interviewed in one of the news TV stations on Sunday. Ben Carson, who is also running a presidential race, claimed that a Muslim should never be in the United States since Islam wasn’t steady with US Constitution.
Dr.Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon by profession, has never been appointed to any political office. He said that he will never support any Muslim to be in charge of the nation.”I will never support for such a thing to happen in the United States, “he reiterated.
Islam has been a major topic that every political leader was indulging. Donald Trump, a Republican Aspirant, has recently received all manner of sorts since he had failed to comment on this matter. He was criticized by one of his supporters in a campaign rally that was held in New Hampshire. The supporters clarified that the United States was having a prominent problem, thus Muslims.
US Representative and the first Muslim to hold a political rally in a Democrat Ticket, Keith Ellison argued with Donald and Ben about the statement that they had recently made. He accused them of “fear mongering”.
The US Representative added that it was unbelievable to have the first GOP presidential candidates to fear and monger just for their interest.