Ben Carson feels persecuted by the press

doctor ben carson

Ben Carson is now a front-runner candidate for the White House, but this spot brought him some negative publicity from the press, publicity that former surgeon doesn’t understand or like.

Without any experience in office, Ben Carson conquered the public with his calm-but-tough speeches about the country’s leaders and with his open way to talk about his beliefs. But now, with the spotlight, comes some negative attention, especially from the press.

Carson says that things are getting ridiculous 

“There’s got to be a scandal. There’s got (to be) some nurse he’s had an affair with. They are getting desperate. Next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said I peed in my pants. It’s ridiculous.”, stated Ben Carson, according to Chicago Tribune. The Republican candidate also said that this “witch hunt” will only bring him more votes.

Returning from a monthly tour with his book, “Gifted Hands”, Ben Carson has to respond to a series of inquiries that cast doubt on the veracity of his biography, says the same source. CNN reporters searched his past by going to Detroit and interviewing some old friends of his.

The stories from “Gifted Hands” did not stick with what people said about Carson, so CNN emitted the possibility that the Republican nominee lied in his biography. Politico examined his claim of having received a scholarship offer to attend the U.S. Military Academy, while The Wall Street Journal said it could not confirm Carson anecdotes from his high school and college years. It seems like all U.S media is on to him.

Is social media success enough?

Some say that the power of Carson’s personal story is at the center of his success, a success that brought him more than 4.5 million followers on Facebook.

“We came into the campaign consciously looking for a different way to run out of necessity, and because we had a candidate who did not want to run as a politician. We have a lot of the normal and customary components where we think they are important, and that’s what we’re going to keep doing.”, said Doug Watts, Carson’s campaign spokesman, quoted by Chicago Tribune.