Ben Carson: I will cage North Korea and Putin

ben carson on north korea and putin

The GOP presidential debate of Tuesday night definitely witnessed a lot of ideas and comments, some portraying confidence and others showing elements of fear. One of the contending candidates, is former neurosurgeon, Ben Carson. He spoke on how he would deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and began by talking about how North Korea’s over-spending on its military has contributed to its extreme poverty — which is indeed true — but then pivoted to an awfully strange point about Russia and Putin and oil sales and Europe.

According to Purple Politics, Ben Carson recently supported Obama’s reaction to Sony hack: “It was extremely encouraging to see the United States and Sony eventually stand up to the cyberbullying of the North Koreans by allowing the movie ‘The Interview’ to be released in theaters around the country despite threats of retaliation.” 

Putting ‘Putin’ in his small cage

According to Vox news, Carson said:” I do believe he [North Korean leader Kim Jong Un] is unstable and China has more influence with him than we do. But we also recognize that North Korea is in severe financial straits and they have decided to use their resources to build their military than to feed their people and take care of the humanitarian responsibilities that they have. We can capitalize on that. We can use that to keep Putin contained. He is a one horse show, energy. And we have an abundance of energy but we have archaic energy export rules. We need to get rid of those and make Europe dependent on us for energy, put him back in his little box where he belongs. And we need to do a lot of other things with the resources that we have. So that economic power works just as well as military power, perhaps better.”

America must do the homework

In order to do these, Ben Carson recognise that there will be threats from these two powers and America must be alert and ready. He said: “The military needs to be upgraded. You look at the Ohio glass submarines, the minuteman 3 missiles, the B-52 bombers, you know, if we don’t get the military right nothing else matters.”