Ben Carson lifted the white flag after Super “bad” Tuesday

ben carson puts end to bid

Ben Carson has realized that he’s out of the picture in the GOP elections and said in a statement that he will not attend Thursday’s Republican presidential debate in his hometown of Detroit, confirms CNN.

Started as a potential GOP nominee, Mr. Carson’s campaign started sinking slowly…

What seemed a wonderful fairy tale at first, has not turned into a lost bet for the former neurosurgeon. Although he didn’t officially announced his retirement from the GOP race, Ben Carson led people to think that he’ll no longer play an active role in the Republican race for the White House.

Mr. Carson and his aides reached the decision after a staff meeting on Wednesday morning, in Baltimore, following a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday, says the same source.

“We have often said that ‘reality is our friend.’ The reality is that we together have been on an amazing journey — the right candidate for the right cause for the right reasons at the right time. No doubt many of you have tears as you read this, just as I tearfully write these words — tearfully because the reality is that our political efforts must come to a close”, said Carson’s campaign chairman Bob Dees, in an email to supporters.

To explain more the situation, Ben Carson will be present on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference near Washington.

No announcement regarding an endorsement, but there’s a “but”

Carson’s decision to step out from “the main stage” has to do with the fact that Donald Trump seems to have distanced himself from the rest of the GOP pack.

“Everyone needs to come to the realization that Donald Trump will be the nominee when it’s all said and done”, said Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business adviser. Williams also said that Ben Carson will be by Trump’s side, if the businessman wins the Republican race. “Dr. Carson will support the eventual nominee”, he said, quoted by CNN.