Ben Carson tells supporters to look to God, not media

ben carson address supporters to look to God

Retired neuro-surgeon and best selling author, Dr. Ben Carson addressed a full gymnasium at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia Monday night at a town hall hosted by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, in conjunction with the Conservative Leadership Project.  The GOP presidential hopeful said he trusts Americans to do the right thing, but he warns, “be weary of listening to the media to help guide your decision….you should listen to God.” In the latest CNN Poll of Polls average in Iowa, he ranks in fourth behind Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Carson according to abccolumbia, has 10% of the votes, while Cruz has 27%. Carson says our youngest generation faces a future, more grim than ever before. “I also hope that the people understand that where we are right now is very serious,” he said. “We’re at the precipice, and we’re about to go over the precipice. If we go over it, I do not think that we will be able to return.”

Carson, taking it the Godly way

The retired neurosurgeon talked a lot about his personal story, his medical experience and why he decided to make what many considered an improbable run for president. One audience member asked him if he was too nice to be president, possibly trying to contrast Carson with the controversial GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who addressed the convention Saturday. “I’ve heard many people say, ‘You’ve got to be more bombastic, and you’ve got to yell and call people names and jump and act like a buffoon,’” Carson replied. “But I’ll tell you this, throughout my medical career, I faced a lot of controversy, a lot of opposition, but still succeeded without being nasty, and I think we can do that here.”

Carson discusses getting rid of the caliphate, ISIS

The Republican presidential candidate says if he were president, one of the first things he would do would be to “get rid of the Caliphate.” Carson also said that he would be willing to put boots on the ground if necessary. Carson discussed the need for Congress to formally declare war against ISIS. The Republican candidate said that his plan to destroy ISIS would include cutting off its financial lifeblood.