Ben Carson vs the press: New episode

ben carson in conflict with the press

The Republican nominee, Ben Carson, and journalists doesn’t seem to get along lately. The former neurosurgeon continued on Sunday his hassle with the press.

Ben Carson insisted at a political rally and on three morning news shows that reports about his claims about a violent youth, a Politico report about a scholarship offer to West Point and a story about a Yale class are actually helping his campaign and giving him more votes, says CNN.

Everybody has a limit, including Carson

“It’s not particularly getting under my skin, obviously it’s helping me. But I simply cannot sit still and watch unfairness. I am always going to call that out when I see it.”, said the Republican presidential contender to reporters after a political rally in Puerto Rico Sunday morning.

CNN was the main network searching Ben Carson’s past. Reporters Scott Glover and Maeve Reston went to Detroit and talked with nine friends, classmates and neighbors who grew up with Carson to find out that facts that are in the former surgeon’s biography don’t check out.

Friday, another publication, Wall Street Journal reported that it couldn’t confirm Carson’s account of protecting white students during a race riot back when he was a high school junior or a story involving a psychology exam while at Yale, says the same source. While in Puerto Rico, Ben Carson also responded to the Wall Street Journal investigation.

Bothered by investigations

“Not going to Wilson Junior High School where the lock incident occurred, but talking to other people and saying, ‘See we can’t find them’ — I mean this is just stupid, and I mean if our media is no better than investigating than that, it’s sick. The Wall Street Journal thing coming out and saying ‘there’s no such course, obviously this is all fabricated’ how come — with all their tools they can’t find it, but we can? That doesn’t make any sense, does it?”, stated Carson.

Probably until 2017 this “war” between Ben Carson and the press will have more and more episodes.